Ways To Clean Alpaca Sweaters In The Right Way

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Published: 29th October 2012
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Alpaca’s are incredibly friendly and gentle animals that happen to be native to Peru, South America. Since the 1980’s however, around 200,000 alpacas have been imported into the United States to meet the ever-growing demand on the high quality alpaca goods that are produced from their wool. Alpaca wool is one of a kind for wool. When taking a closer look at the fibers of alpaca wool you will recognize that it has considerably less of the tiny barbs that all wools have. These barbs are sometimes the reason that wool is so itchy when on bare skin. Therefore alpaca sweaters are normally really soft to the touch that it is not odd to see it worn directly on the skin and no irritation. In order to give you an even better idea of the feel and texture of how alpaca wool really feels, here is an example. Alpaca wool is usually compared to cashmere when being described to individuals who have never felt it.

Other than their very comfortable feel, alpaca wool has a lot of other terrific attributes that make them a cherished addition to any wardrobe. When numerous wools were being screened for temperature control, alpaca wool was confirmed to stay twice as warm on the inside as any other wool. Likewise, because alpaca’s tend not to secret the oil lanolin into their wool, as sheep do, it puts a stop to the allergic reaction that some people have with other wools.

As you can see there are many reasons why this wool is so preferred and loved by those who enjoy alpaca wool products. So you'll be able to understand why people may want to make their alpaca sweaters, blankets as well as other goods, last as long as possible. In order to help you do that, this article will discuss some of the basic things you should be aware of about cleaning your alpaca wool to help it last a life time - or longer! The durability of alpaca wool has often been known to allow things to be passed down from generation to generation. So first let’s speak about cleaning your alpaca wool treasures. Standard soaps and cleaners and agitation cycles are generally a little too harsh to use on wool and the hot and cold alternations in a washer just might cause shrinkage of your sweaters and apparel. The simplest way of cleaning your alpaca sweaters is by using a gentle soap, such as baby wash. This will get the fabric cleaned well and also leave a pleasant, light scent behind.

To wash it very well, it's possible to use a tub, sink or big container that could be filled with cool water and used as a wash basin. Then add in the soap; you must only add in one cap filled with the baby shampoo to the water. Just slowly swish around the sweater in the cool, soapy water for a couple of minutes. It doesn’t take a lot of time to clean the fibers. Once you’re done you can hang the garment over a clothes rack or at any place that can hang dry; though it is not best to hang it on a hanger until it is absolutely dried or the weight of the wet wool may pull down a lot and stretch out the shoulders of your sweater. Never put your alpaca products into the dryer however; this could be the source of definite shrinkage of the material. If hanging the sweater is impossible, you it's also possible to lay it out over a huge towel, flipping it over sometimes to allow it to fully air dry. This method will take a few hours.
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