The Proper Way To Care For Libbey Glassware

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Published: 29th January 2013
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There are many reasons you may be looking for glassware: You may be planning a wedding, you may run a restaurant, or you may be looking for something special for when company comes over for dinner. Whatever the primary reason may be, Libbey glassware is an excellent choice for your glassware needs. Libbey glassware has long been known as attractive and durable, and knowing how to care for it will keep it looking great for many years.

Just like any type of glass product, glassware can be broken easily if not taken care of. But what you may not realize is there are several easy steps you can take to make your glass more durable so it will last considerably longer. The first thing is to prevent premature breakage by preventing temperature shock. Temperature shock happens when glass is unexpectedly exposed to an extreme temperature change. You can keep this from taking place by not putting a glass that has been holding a cold drink directly into the dishwasher and not putting ice into a glass that is fresh out of the hot dishwasher. Quite simply, only glasses that are room temperature should be exposed to either heat or cold.

Another kind of shock that can happen to your glassware is mechanical shock. Dropping glass on a hard surface can cause very tiny glass fractures. Just because you cannot see any damage does not mean there isn't any. Glassware merely knocking against other items in the dishwasher, or silverware knocking against the glass can cause chipped glass, which then causes the glass to shatter. Being careful with your glasses will enable it to be used for years; however, should you accidentally cause a glass fracture or chip, you can expect it to become fragile like any other glass.

A lot of people don't realize that glasses should never be stacked for any reason. While this seems harmless, it can put additional pressure on the bottom glasses, making them more likely to break. Just like a mechanical shock, the damage might not be visible to your eye, but it can still be enough to make that glass especially fragile. It may not seem essential, but if you are carrying glasses, you must be careful. Make sure you do not carry in excess of you can handle. While it seems like it should save time to carry as many dishes to the kitchen as you possibly can, it is safer and smarter to take more trips and ensure that you won't drop or bobble your glasses, possibly leading to breakage. You should only place glasses in the dishwasher that are room temperature, and you ought to make sure that they are placed in the dishwasher securely to make sure they don't hit any other glasses or dishes. Glasses should be placed in the dishwasher away from other heavier dishes, and there really should be plenty of space between each glass.

When cleaning out your dishes by hand, using a rubber scraper is a much better choice than using something harder. A rubber scraper will likely get the glass cleaner a lot quicker than any other type of scraper, and it won't scratch the glass. For stubborn spots that won't come clean with only a rubber scraper, a water sprayer is a great option. The water spray will help remove debris without causing glass chips and breakage. Keeping the info shared here in mind will help you to get many years of great use out of your glasses.
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