The Jayco Eagle Stands Out As The Leader Inside The RV Industry

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Published: 21st January 2013
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After the invention of the automobile, people designed modifications to their cars to accommodate them when they set out across the country. During the early 20th century, when you traveled you didn't have plenty of choices for lodgings, so people would have to sleep in their car. Today, traveling by RV is more about convenience and adventure. There are numerous people who live their lives in their RV, and they travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and almost everywhere in between. Other people utilize their RV's in order to travel economically, and they have the luxury to load up and go at a moments notice. Either way, the Jayco Eagle supplies the necessary space and features to travel in style and comfort.

The initial RV was launched at Madision Square Garden, in New York City in 1910; within 20 years, RV's had gained in recognition, and was used by many people, even though nearly all roads were not even paved. Camping clubs started to get well-liked, and people had unique handshakes and group songs that they would sing together when they camped. Travelers were referred to as "tin can tourists," since they ate at the side of the road from tin cans.

Although WWII ceased production of RVs for a while, the economic boom of post war America saw a rise in the RV industry. With expansion of the highway system, and returning GIs looking for affordable family holidays, traveling in recreational vehicles yet again became a well-known past time.

In 1967, during this travel trailer growth, a woman named Bertha Bontrager made the suggestion to her husband, Lloyd, that he begin an RV company. Mr. Bontrager agreed with his wife, and so he created the first Jayco. The privately held family corporation began by creating its travel trailers in a barn, and two chicken houses. The name of the company was created from Mr. Bontrager's middle initial. The company mascot is a Blue Jay bird flying in mid-air, and the bird's name is "J. Jay."

Throughout the years, the RV features increased considerably, specifically because of the development of technology. Comfort is a top priority when traveling, and every possible comfort has been added with subsequent models and styles. From refrigeration to running water, the RV industry has sought to implement modern innovations for the entertainment of the traveling camper. Mr Bontragerís innovative developments for RVs have been an element of that. He invented the first lifter system for travel trailers, and also the collapsible camper system. In 1976, Jayco produced the first 5th wheel with a bedroom in which an adult might stand up to full height. After four decades of good results, the RV industryís Hall of Fame inducted Lloyd Bontrager for his influence in the in RV community.

Today, Mr Bontragerís company is not only the biggest fabricator of recreational vehicles in the United States, but it's the 3rd biggest on earth. The legacy of this innovative company lives today in the popular line of travel trailers known as the Jayco Eagle, which has 11 different floor plans and diverse amenities. The Jayco Eagle also offers individual bedrooms, as well as multiple slide-outs that offer more space for the traveler. Because of so many options you can personalize your RV to fulfill your needs to travel in comfort and ease. When purchasing a Jayco Eagle travel trailer, you've all the comforts and conveniences of home as you travel the country to seek adventure and have fun.
As being an outdoor enthusiast, you are going to comprehend the mobility and luxury which can come from purchasing a Jayco eagle. More particulars on Haylett's North Country are available at the company's web site,

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