The Explanation Why Freight Transportation Management Is Essential For Freight Brokers

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Published: 11th December 2012
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In a world like ours where virtually most every single product and food item bought in stores are brought by a truck, it is simple to see that transportation management is the backbone for marketplaces all over to function properly. Companies and manufacturers all over count on the transportation industry to ship and receive the goods required to carry out their day to day operations. The companies normally has their own transportation department, have contracted with one carrier or are having freight brokers/ freight brokerage trying to find the trucks and equipment required for all of their transportation needs. The leading brokerage power houses are choosing top notch freight transportation management software systems so as to automate, regulate, assist and pull together all the necessary tools, resources, laws and rates needed to keep the brokers busy making reservations on loads like they must be and not wasting their time on administrative tasks and operating tasks just like monitoring, invoicing, checking out fuel rates and mapping routes.

Exactly the same freight brokerages have required more than just a basic dispatching system to carry out business. For instance, if you are a broker at a brokerage company, you will need many tools and resources to do your job effectively. Make sure you have a good transportation management system set up seeing as there are times that it may take 4 hours or more just to book one hot load. That is four hours spent discussing, looking out for and basically begging to obtain a truck and equipment in to get a load that is immediately needed 2300 miles away and it can not be turned away as it would be a need of a long standing customer. With demanding days like this, the very last thing a freight broker needs is to have to bother about complicated quote sheets, stacks of fuel bills, checking scheduled and moving loads, confirming deliveries, sending confirmation sheets and various other related tasks that the freight broker may be responsible for without the help of a more efficient, organized system. A dependable freight transportation management system can have most of the brokerage tools and resources available with the click of a button.

Having hassle free quote screens and templates that tend to be easily converted into orders in the event the customer accepts the terms (carrier rate, pickup and delivery dates /times agreed upon) are crucial to a successful brokerage who may book many hundreds of loads per day. A good system can certainly categorize, sort and report on all equipment types like varying sizes of van trailers, reefer trailers, flatbed trailers, intermodal containers of all types as well as over-dimensional, step-down trailers. What's more, an in-depth reporting and tracking system on drivers and tractors will likely be offered in the freight transportation management that also includes up-to-date GPS tracking on every piece of equipment on the road and sitting in yards, throughout the globe. This is all sought after because there is nothing more disappointing than having a carrier eager to pick up your load at a feasible rate but no one knows if there is any equipment in your community to load it on. With an excellent tracking system, the information is readily available to tell you if you have full or empty trailers in any yard or spot in the area that the carrier is permitted to use. This GPS tracking feature is critical also for the safety of drivers and also the recovery of stolen equipment.

To see how much a well designed, efficient freight transportation management software system can benefit you in booking your loads, check out their website at You will immediately understand how much can be streamlined in a freight broker’s job with this software. Then you can get back where you belong – booking loads again.

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