Sell Italian Ice with Your Very Own Ice Cart

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Published: 30th January 2013
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Likely at any country fair or perhaps in the park you have come across a food cart. Often these are typical seen structures in these types of areas for many many years. Anyone will be able to enjoy a frozen treat to cool off from a very warm day whether it be in the park, the beach or other location imaginable.

Since way back when, food has been offered on the streets using various carts allowing delicious treats to be enjoyed while one is out and about. Now when talking with regards to the ice cart, these special designed carts had to wait for technology improve to enable them to be utilized like they are today. First of all refrigeration in a mobile form had to be invented as well as the creation of what is known as Italian Ice. Italian Ice is known as a dairy-free frozen treat that is made like ice cream, mixing the ingredients while freezing them. Refrigeration is essential to maintain the Italian ice cold until it can be served to the hungry consumer. Place a refrigerated container filled with Italian ice on wheels and you've got the means to put a smile on every face you encounter. If the many factors come together, a refrigerated cart loaded with appealing dessert, then your on your way.

Remember, there are various ways in which someone can dispense an outstanding delicious treat to any potential customer. You could sell it at the food store in the frozen food section. You could possibly open an Italian ice shop on a quaint street that sees a lot of foot traffic. Perhaps a booth or cart at the local sporting venue or even the zoo where people are out enjoying the hot day would much more likely want your products to cool off. But all of these require that the hungry person see you. The cart however would be the best option for bringing the Italian Ice to people who would be lured to partake in this delicious treat.

Utilizing a cart to sell the ice has a number of advantages associated with it. Most evident will be that the cart is moveable therefore your able to go to specific events or locations at the right time. If you own a store and a new construction project is started on the street right in front of you, you canít move your store so that itís more easily accessible to your prospects. This isn't a problem with a cart; when the people move both you and your cart can follow.

Second, a cart can travel not merely to the people but additionally to the venues. Some events like outdoor concerts, festivals or fairs aren't permanent fixtures in a city or town. Because of the novelty they attract a great deal of attention when they arrive. A cart can easily be transported to whatever attraction comes along.

Third, a cart doesn't have regular business hours. Running a cart business is more flexible than owning a brick and mortar store. Stores are required to have regular business hours. As carts tend to be more mobile, the hours would be up to you. This gives more freedom for cart owners. There is no need to open every day unless you want to.

The very best advantage overall is that by having a cart, you have very little overhead when it comes to expenses. It is in fact very expensive to own and operate a business. You will discover costs such as wages, rent, supply, insurances, etc. With a cart all you have to pay for is the cart and the Italian ice that you sell. You may also have to pay wages to the cart operator should you not do it yourself.

If you are considering a small business and looking for an opportunity to make big money, Italian ice sold from a cart is a fantastic way to start. Owning more than one can provide you with a fleet of money makers that will also put a smile on the face of those who cross your path.
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