How To Enhance Your Office Using Beautiful Conference Tables

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Published: 06th November 2012
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A smart office manager knows that conference tables in Los Angeles set the tone for the conference rooms, and the conference rooms are the face of the company. Conference tables are picked in shades of medium to deep brown, shaped to be durable and heavy, and meant to look luxurious and show affluence. This means that, they are a masculine design. (Apologies to the ladies.) Quality conference tables are used to make an impression and intimidate. The reason being the conference rooms are the place where customers often meet with management.

For some years there was a lively discussion going on concerning whether it was smarter for a company to show their affluence through lavish appointments, or whether they better demonstrated their business sense by not using company money on furnishings instead of assets. In the first case, most companies looked like the corporate offices for a bank, while in the last case, they were appointed by choice to resemble the offices of a used car lot. At this time, it would seem that the former view has obtained precedence, that generally “the clothes make the man”, or to be specific, the office décor definitely makes the reputation of the company. This view assumes more importance in some areas of the country where dominance is demonstrated by trappings. It becomes yet even more important when dealing with multinational corporations that respect the décor of a company, most notably Japan.

So a smart, modern company generally chooses to invest heavily in their conference tables in Los Angeles. Designs are similar: most tables are chosen to be rectangular in design. They are usually not a round table: this is certainly not Camelot. There should be sections of the table that will put the most strongest attendees and establish pecking order. For a softer, more modern look, the lengthwise sides of the table may have a slight arc. But on the whole, curved tables make working a little more difficult and a rectilinear design is considered the most masculine.

Yet another design concern is the finish. A conference table will probably take even more punishment than a bar but as opposed to a comfortable tavern, it should never ever show scratches or wear. Natural wood finishes won’t be all you need. Conference tables have to be finished with the most strong acrylics or some other seals to face up to punishment from laptops, pens and other metal objects, projectors and also other heavy metal equipment, and any kind of object that is manufactured by the company. It should also allow for refinishing. You don’t want to have the impressions of a worn out company with a used up conference table.

For several years, conference tables in Los Angeles were designed to accommodate electronics. Like a lot of office cubicles or home computer tables, conference tables had convenience holes drilled into them in order to deal with cords, speaker phones, and projection equipment. Much like a modern fancy car where it is no longer acceptable to display antennas or other conveniences, the conference tables with the best appearance hide all hardware. Communications are usually wireless and various accommodations are manufactured for power cords.

Conference tables are not just chosen to wow customers but employees at the same time. Any time senior management holds a meeting with general employees, the staff members normally feel that management owns the conference tables. This is why the conference tables have to be as nice as the power table in the CEO’s office.
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