Eye-Catching Beaded Bra Straps For your Outfits

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Published: 11th December 2012
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Part of the modern fashion are beaded bra straps. They were not used in your Momís teen years because they were never seen. Bras and panties were deemed underwear - they were usually worn underneath something. A lot of clothes of that period covered the wearer for some reason from neck to toe. Showing skin appeared to be scandalous and showing underwear regarded as being very provocative.

Of course showing skin still is provocative, but that is the style of today. If a little bit of tummy shows between the blouse and skirt, it is no longer thought to be a mistake or accidently shrunken clothes. Itís simply giving a hint of the most stunning part of your ensemble: yourself. Showing underwear is the exact same thing. If a little bit of black lace panty shows above your skirt, it actually inflames the imagination. The same thing goes for showing a bit of bra. This fashion might have been part of a rebellious look as in: look Mom, Iím using clothing just the way you told me not to! But now itís a part of modern fashion, and being a part of fashion means that the ensemble must match - it can look like its ďaccidentalĒ but it definitely canít look like itís a mistake. This would mean more work for you because now you need to match both your outer wear along with your underwear! For a few women this can be quite a job, but with some attention, itís actually an opportunity.

Letís pay attention to bra straps. If your goal would be to match your bra straps to the rest of your outfit, then itís usually handy to think of it as jewelry. In case the outer garment is something like a tee-top camisole, then just a bit of bra strap will be showing. This is in fact harder to match as compared to if the entire bra were showing - itís really easy to do a mismatch and have it end up looking like a bad accident. In this situation, make the bra strap match whenever possible. Be sure to use the same color, and the exact same degree of shininess or texture. If the strap is somewhat different, then match a portion of the camisole. For instance, in the event the cami is white and the beads on the bra straps are brown, you may attach brown beads to the white cami to be able to repeat the bra strap look and texture.

For off the shoulder dresses where almost all the bra strap shows, matching is a lot easier. The beaded bra straps is going to look less like an accent and much more like a part of the outfit. In fact, if you look at yourself in the mirror and squint, the bra straps will actually look like the straps of the off the shoulder dress. Again, try to match the straps to the dress, but allow yourself a lot more latitude. For instance, you could try glitter straps with a light or pastel-colored dress. The straps and dress will match in no other way but that they are both light, but this will be enough and the effect can be stunning. With an off the shoulder outfit, you can also try a contrast, for instance, dark beaded bra straps with a light blouse. In this situation, you have to be more careful. Have a look at your outfit and if it doesnít look fantastic, try making a few changes.
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